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GWL Direction / Video 

Work and continuous development to insert novelties and unique solutions for exciting and realistic live. Halo, Replay, Telemetry, Team Radio are just some of the innovations put in place by the GWL development staff.
Enrich your league by turning it into a TV show with the GWL directing service. A studied and designed graphics surround a complete and exciting sporting event for the viewer.


Area Speaker GWL

Our GWL speaker team is made up of extremely prepared and passionate guys, who manage to recreate that racing atmosphere that only a professional TV is able to give. Simone, Mattia, Kevin, Marco are some of the GWL TeamSpeaker who, thanks to their preparation and professionalism, make the vision of your race real and exciting. If you want to join the Team Speaker GWL team, send your application, and a file, containing your comment. You can be chosen and join the Gamersworldlive group. We are waiting for you!!


Resp. Simone Caramaschi

Theme, video presentation, video spot.

The GWL Video Team is able to produce video material of any kind, being able to fulfill all requests from applicants. Give your championship a theme song and present it with a special promo video. Introductory videos, titles for championships or events. All this, with the services of GamersWorldLive, can become reality!

Productions GWLRv
Director of the Direction / Video area
Simone Caramaschi 

Virtual sports editorial staff

Editorial part where it is possible to insert texts, photos, videos regarding championships, special events and much more. Support is provided by the graphics section that deals with posters and event posters.

The art of winning is learned in defeats

Simon Bolivar

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